Cabbage, 8 oz/225 g.
Carrots, peeled, 2 each.
Sweet Red Bell Pepper. 1 oz/30 g.
Corn, 2 ears.
Chopped parsley, 1 oz./30 g.
Kosher salt, as needed, or a pinch of whatever rub you are using!

Let kohlrabi replace the cabbage in this recipe–simply peel and cut into strips or shred.

Extra virgin olive oil, 1 oz/30 ml.

Coleslaw dressing:
Mayonnaise, 0.25 cups/60 g.
Dijon mustard, 1 Tablespoon.
Garlic powder, 1 Tablespoon.
Sugar, 1 Tablespoon.
Cider vinegar, 2 oz/60 ml.


Preheat sous vide bath to 183 F/84 C. Vacuum seal corn in heat rated sous vide bags and process at 183 F/84 C for four hours. Remove packages from bath, submerge in iced tap water 70 F/21 C for thirty minutes. Refrigerate to 40 F/4 C, or proceed with recipe.

Remove the corn from the ears and toss with olive oil. Spread out on a cookie sheet and use the broiler function of the oven to lightly caramelize the surface. Remove to cool.

Combine dry ingredients in large bowl.
Add dressing.
Toss the slaw.
Serve with almost any BBQ item!

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