Why bother?

There is nothing earth shaking about sous vide celery hearts, except that they work and I use them in presentations. People ask me what they are. Here it is:

Au naturel.

Remove the darkened root portion. This can also be done later, basically a preference in real time.

Cut it down to about 5″/40 mm. Slice lengthwise.

Make diagonal cuts at the tip to make a point.

If you slice them thick enough, and with a little luck, you can make them stand up on edge.


Process sous vide at

183 F/84 C X 1 hour,

shock in ice water.

The juices are great for stock or even just to sip.

Pat dry, season, spray a little aerosol release or a few drops of oil and grill, sear, roast, etc.

What it lacks in color it gains in dimension. Crunchy, and tasty if well seasoned. Most people just throw them out.

Norm King