Hondashi soup base, 125 g.
Knorr chicken bouillon, 100 g.
Dried mushrooms, Costco Blend 125 g.
Saffron, 3 g.
Dried onions, 30 g.
Fennel seed, 30 g.
Oregano, 10 g.
Black pepper, ground, 30 g.

Dried parsley, 30 g.

Powdered/dried egg white, as needed.


This rub was designed with a specific application in mind. After sous vide processing land or air dwelling proteins, pat the meat dry and place on parchment or a plate. Use a flour dredge (shaker) to sprinkle the top surface of the meat with powdered/dried egg white. Use a spray bottle to slightly moisten. Sprinkle with rub (see procedure below) and then the parsley. Wait five minutes. Turn over the meat and repeat the process. The egg whites make the rub stick. The parsley prevents the rub from sticking to the parchment or plate. Before searing, spritz lightly with aerosol spray release.


Grind everything except the parsley in a spice grinder, food processor or blender. Sprinkle as rub. If you add water (later to the order), the mushrooms, onions and saffron will reconstitute, interesting as a sort of slurry or butter sauce component.

Rub away

Norm King