This sauce/dressing shares some similarities with what we used to call “French Dressing,” but it is not really French. These days you see it on the shelves referred to usually as “Catalina Dressing,” but it is probably not from Catalina either, wherever that is. This sauce is unique in that it is technically an emulsion, but is intended to eventually “break” somewhat. This releases a tomato colored oil that floats on the top, which has its own purpose(s).

Tools needed:

Stick blender or generic blender.
Squirt bottles.


Ketchup, 1 cup/225 ml.
White vinegar, 0.5 cups/110 ml.
White sugar, 0.5 cups/110 ml.
Water, 0.5 cups/110 ml.
Garlic powder, 1 Tablespoon.
Worcestershire sauce, 1 Tablespoon.
Salt, a pinch.

Vegetable oil, 2 cups.


In a blender, or with a stick blender, combine ketchup, vinegar, sugar, water, garlic powder, Worcstershire and salt. With motor running, drizzle in the oil slowly. Store in a squirt bottle.