Above: Lipavi C10 container, N10 polycarbonate rack. Lipavi C10L lid.

Serves 4-6
Level of difficulty: 2.75


Beef chuck roast/steak, approximately 2 lbs/1 Kg.
Powdered egg white, as needed.
Preferred seasonings of your choice–salt not to exceed 2 teaspoons/lb. of meat.
Onion, 0.5 each, chopped fine.
Tomato paste, 1 oz/30 g, diluted with
Red wine, 2 oz/60 ml.
Mushrooms, sliced, 2 oz.
Flour, 2 Tablespoons/20 g.
Water, 1 cup/225 ml.

Equipment requirements:

A large skillet, a wooden spoon and a spatula. This is one of those recipes.

Starting Point: No Patter, Just the Facts

Any roast labeled “Chuck steak” or “Chuck roast” will work in this recipe. Thick is preferred over thin. This one was cut from a generic “chuck roll” that I purchased at the local “wholesale to the public” warehouse. I recommend selecting one that looks as much like this as possible, within obvious limits.

Preheat the sous vide bath to 128 F/53 C.

Vacuum seal the roast in heat rated plastic, stage into a rack and lower into the bath.

Process at 128 F/53 C for 48 hours.

We’re In the pink now…

And in the pink we will stay…


Family style…

or ala Carte…

Parsley coulis, tomato oil.

Norm King

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