This group has a distinct, limited purpose; it is not intended to be an “open forum.” Authorized posts are required to meet the standard described below.

• We share snaps\details of our sous vide efforts. Members can post without risking criticism, which is prohibited. This applies to “constructive” criticism, recommendations, opinions, etc. If it isn’t positive, it doesn’t belong there.

The admins define what qualifies as criticism. Admins determine if a post advocates a practice that may be unsafe or illegal for service.

You must post samples of your original work before you comment on others.

• We do not debate sous vide. Joining the group indicates that you embrace the method.
• The admins answer questions about sous vide, etc. The admins reserve the right to intervene in any thread that they feel is outside the realm of the dedicated topics. They may delete a post or suspend commenting on it at their discretion.

If you want to learn about sous vide, this is a great place to do it. If you want to TEACH sous vide–you should consider starting your own group.

Time and temperature guidelines are here:

Also, here

Is your meat tender? Read this

How to properly refrigerate sous vide processed food:


• Pictures of equipment may not be the subject of a post. The mention of brand names is also restricted. We all know what equipment looks like, and who makes it.
• We do not allow preference polls.
• We do not allow commerce or endorsement of any kinds, unless approved by admins.
• Sous vide questions deserve sous vide answers. Do not steer people away from sous vide in any way.
• Respect the authority of the admins at all times, or risk immediate banishment.
• LEAVE YOUR RESUME AT THE DOOR. Your experience in food service does not earn you any credibility here. The playing field is level.

• We prohibit links to other websites, servers, etc. UNLESS you are the host of that website.
• No shaming.
• THE ALL IMPORTANT NORM CLAUSE: Do NOT tell us how to make something–Make it. Take some pictures. SHOW US.
• Expressing dissatisfaction is futile, and will most likely result in expulsion.

For recipes, enter the item’s name in the search engine, or visit the dedicated websites.

Nekkid: only salt can interact with proteins in the bag–You may detect aroma, but herbs and spices will have no other effect on the protein. Here is the supporting research.