We share snapshots\descriptions of our sous vide successes/failures…No pics of equipment unless it is unavoidable–we all know what an Anova looks like. Questions are limited to the dedicated topics of the group.

time and temperature guidelines? visit here before asking the general population


Also, here http://sousvideresources.com/2016/07/23/sous-vide-temperature-and-time/

Recipes–enter the item’s name in the search engine, or visit the dedicated websites.

Nekkid–don’t believe what you have heard elsewhere–only salt can interact with proteins in the bag–no rosemary, garlic, butter, etc. Here is the supporting research.



also, the nose and the tongue

The Nose Rules the Tongue, and Why That Matters

How to measure tenderness

The Pinch/Poke Test | Tender To The Touch

safety, pasteurization, refrigeration, time/temp parameters.


Safety Should Not Be Shocking–or Should It?

We prohibit uninvited criticism, because Norm doesn’t believe that nailing people to the wall helps them learn anything, and it’s his group End of story.

Novices shall post with confidence that they will be encouraged, not corrected.
Telling us that you are a chef usually backfires
No SHAMING. Well done, ketchup, microwave, decaf, are all preferences, not indications of lack of sophistication.

1) Post samples of your original work before you comment on others. Why? Because it prevents trolling–trolls don’t take pics of food.
Do not refer members to other websites or groups in answer to questions–if you don’t know an answer, stand mute. Somebody who knows where to find it here will show up momentarily.
2) Links to other websites are prohibited UNLESS you are the host of that website, or have the approval of administrators. Most novices are at least familiar with Google, This is not an intersection or a clearing house. This is a destination.
3) Be nice, for gosh sake! NO NAME CALLING. combative or aggressive behavior. No FOUL LANGUAGE-not even in memes.
4) LEAVE YOUR RESUME AT THE DOOR – telling someone “well, I’ve been a chef for twenty years, and I can tell you..” is forbidden because it’s obnoxious. End of story.
5) CHECK souvideresources. com. Ad free, not a commercial to be found.
6) NO SPAM –
7) BUY / SELL / TRADE / COMMERCE – Prohibited, except with our approval.
Don’t tell us how to make something–SHOW US.


The basic assumptions of the group may not be entirely precise. In fact, they could be completely wrong. It doesn’t matter, because they are ASSUMPTIONS. They are there to speed things along, so we don’t get bogged down in debates about minutiae and complex definitions.

A good example of basic assumptions is Newtonian physics. Newton’s laws of motion served quite well for a long time until Einstein came along and introduced the idea of bent space. But Newton’s laws are still widely used, because they are extremely close to correct. They help practitioners avoid investing the time required to understand Einstein’s slightly more complex ideas, at least until later if the actually decide to pursue a career in physics.

Some people join the group to acquire information. Some people come here to debate. Make sure you know which one you are. The basic assumptions of the group are plainly listed. You may not agree with them. You are not required to embrace them. But you may not debate them in group. This is not a debate group. This is a sharing group.