We’ll be right back, after these messages…

We’ve been renovating our demo kitchen, to meet the needs of increasing demand. We feel truly blessed. This has resulted in a slight delay in updated posts, which is not to say they don’t exist. We’ve been doing some very exciting demos lately, all leading up to a promotional event scheduled for Saturday, March 25th.

People that know about the renovation, and The Thing in Clackamas, have been asking about it, and people who don’t know about it are asking me where I’ve been. I’m here, Berbers, not to worry. So, without further adieu, here’s a few preliminary snaps of the new lab…

From the long view, it’s hard to tell that this is a mobile home. We gutted the kitchen from top to bottom, and installed LED lighting to accommodate our photographic efforts. The wine is all Oregon based, part of the theme of The Thing.  The giraffe is not for sale.

No way that’s gonna be enough. We don’t really know just how many people are coming, and suspect that the neighbors will notice all the traffic and the aromas, all are welcome. This is a celebration of Sous Vide, the success of the FB group, the success of this website, and so many other recent events which will be explained as our new identity unfolds!

New editions, new additions, a Vacmaster 215, upgraded cameras, and we installed all stainless steel tables with wheels in the kitchen, no cabinets, none, zip. The Boos Block I’ve had for a while.

Beta, beta, beta, we’ll be reporting on the new Kitchenaid Induction Burner stove, so far, I love it. Clean up is a dream, the surface never gets hot, only the pots and pans, something about magnetic energy.

Pre-existing dishwasher, silverware caddy, Keurig.Alice collects Hall’s Red Poppy China, adds a nice kitschy but sophisticated touch. We’re waiting for signed autographed pics of Douglas Baldwin, Nathan Myrhvold,  and Jacques Francois, my favorite Jazz Trumpeter…

Awesome Kitchenaid hood, new toaster, microwave, the plant is fake, to hide the studio lights. New blinds, looking out on the neighbors’ driveways. Priceless.Wayne Carmin, my good friend and floor guy, was in the process of installing the new vinyl flooring for the kitchen. He doesn’t do vinyl or tile, he’s a carpet guy, but he did me this favor. It was he who discovered that under the hideous rug lay maple parquet floor throughout the house. He won the Internetz that day, and I’ve been cooking him steak for lunch ever since. He also enlarged the smokestack on the roof, and pulled the rest of the carpet out, all the way to the hallway.

Finishing touches. The man’s an artist, I tell you. He also carves ducks.

My ever present O2 hose doesn’t take anything away from the amazing windfall. Good times.

Punch list for the party, battery charger, melon.